keeping track of my running

fourth run in a row today was a decent success. it was a short run, which is fine by me. i think tomorrow may be a day off, and i’ll maybe do some yoga or something to at least move and stretch my poor legs.

i really like to be able to see my progress, so i’ve been using Nike+. i have the app for my phone, so i just put my phone in an armband, cue up what kind of run i will be doing (three options: basic, against the clock, or a distance goal), and hit “start workout”. it’s linked to my running playlist, so my music cues up automatically, and i get voice feedback at each mile i hit and at the end of the workout. it’s all synced up with the nike website, so i can see how my runs went, and look at my pace. i’ve set goals for myself as well.

this is my distance goal: finish 30 km by june 28. i’m ahead of schedule because it includes all my other runs in april and earlier this month. my major complaint with this program is that everything is measured by kilometers, and i’m used to miles.

here’s my number-of-runs goal. i set this a while back, got distracted, and it extended to june 21. granted, i’ll meet this goal WAY sooner.

overall, this is a useful tool. the GPS can drain the battery a bit, but nothing terrible, and i love being able to see my progress. it also tracks my pace, which is helpful. and you get random celebrities (apparently) who cheer you on.

so. i wasn’t asked to write this. but it’s a good tool to use if you want to keep track of your running.