the summer diet, gearing up for fall, and other such things

first, let’s be clear. when I say “diet”, I do not mean “tinier portions of food”. I mean “things I enjoy eating, in this case in the summer”.
the list, because YAY LISTS
1. avocados. delicious with salt. remind me of the Avogardo room in my high school, where math was taught. hippie schools are odd and name their classrooms after obscure people.
2. beer. because it’s delicious. and because I like a cold one while I sit in the porch and watch a storm roll in
3. tortillas and cheese. easy and lazy.
4. bad TV. I’m watching the bachelorette right now. hello. terrible.
5. grilled things. all of them. especially corn.

I’m also getting ready for student teaching, which is exciting and nerve wracking…mostly exciting. i met my mentor teacher today and she seems fantastic and supportive and enthusiastic. phew.

also, we are in the midst of the housemate hunt and I am so awkward. really. painful.