lists, lists, lists.

there’s been a recent explosion of posts on summer manifestos/bucket lists. i wrote mine a while back, but here’s the updated version (i’m totally pretending my earlier one doesn’t exist, because i don’t remember what was on it).

1. eat all the avocados i can find.

2. learn some cocktail recipes. for instance, i did not know until this past weekend that daiquiris don’t have any dairy in them. i just thought they were boozy smoothies. false.


4. run more. yep.

5. (new goal alert) plank a day. the workout kind, not the stupid frat boy kind. every morning. plank. for as long as i can.

6. save more monies.

7. be outside more. hikes? walks? rummaging about downtown? do it.

8. cut back on the coffee/alcohol. in an effort to cut out silly caloric intake (so i can have happy calories) i’m limiting myself to one coffee drink and one alcoholic drink a day. if i go a day without one or the other, well…gold star for me.

9. keep my room clean. well, i’m sort of good at that now.

also, more dance parties. and more car singing. and more nail polish. more bright things. more sleep. more of those favorite things. more of my favorite people. more books. more, more, more.