one running goal set, and a new one in place

in an effort to hold myself accountable, i set a running goal of getting in ten runs by june 21.

because i am obstinate (and in tune with my brain, so i knew i would do this), i promptly decided to meet that goal sooner than june 21. today, i met that goal. my new goal is 25 runs in 5 weeks, trying to get myself running at least 4 times a week. today’s 1.6 mile run counts as the first of those 25. tomorrow i’m hiking with a friend, so that’s my day off, then thursday, friday, saturday – run, run, run. maybe sunday, if i’m not suffering after a saturday night of salsa music and wine under the stars with friends. and monday i’m going for another hike with my dad.

basically. setting a goal for myself is not just a challenge to meet that goal, but to best it. and because i know i get bored easily, i’m seeking different exercise options to replace a run. hikes, trail runs…that sort of thing.

today i am starting to feel a difference in my body – partially pain, but also a bit more oomph. and running hurts a bit less than it did last week. i don’t see any difference yet, but that’s okay. i’m getting there.

also it took a lot of self-control not to go buy shiny new running shoes. i don’t really need them just yet, so maybe in a month i’ll treat myself. i want something in a gaudy color.