on tiny ways to find happiness

this month, for whatever reason (okay, there are some legit reasons) has been stressful. i should have expected that – my monthly horoscope was like BEWARE THE EVERYTHING. really ought to listen to that. i’m finally feeling less worried about all the things, though, and am working on seeking tiny ways of being happier. yesterday’s was pouring water over my head after running two miles. yes, water is better inside you, but oh man, that felt good. today i’m going to a cheap-cheap-cheap yoga class followed by a wine-tasting. yoga. at a wine shop. hello, heaven. i’m going to finally set an appointment for a haircut – partially because i need one, and partially because i would like to feel pampered.

i’ve also been indulging in some guilty-pleasure tv. i’ve been watching (re-watching) grey’s anatomy, which is SO TERRIBLE after season 3 (or really, halfway through season 3, it all goes to pot), but so absurdly soapy that i cannot stop watching. i’ve been cooking more – using my moosewood cookbook because it reminds me of being a kid, and so is chock-full of comfort recipes (at least, to me). i’m being better about keeping my room clean, which i think does some kind of mystic feng shui on my brain. i organized my closet (clothing: it belongs on hangers), am donating random things i never use to goodwill, and am being better about not spending all my money. little things that add up to make a big difference, y’all.

anyhow. what do you do to find happiness?