join me in fantasy vacation world, will you?

so i really probably won’t get a real vacation until a year from now, before i start (hopefully) working as a real teacher. but that does not stop me from daydreaming about the ideal vacation. especially as my parents are en route to hawaii right now and i am consumed with jealousy.

vacation fantasy number one: a classic – white sandy beaches, palm trees, crystal clear waters. some large boozy beverage served out of a coconut or pineapple. i would greatly enjoy that. perhaps with a hammock BETWEEN two palm trees. and a little beach cottage with an outdoor shower and a kayak leaning up against the side, its underside dusty with sand. no resorts nearby, no towns for miles. just me and the ocean and a stack of trashy novels as high as my waist.

vacation fantasy number two: a lake house in maine. lots of pine trees and loons and the occasional bear lumbering past. or moose. or both. lobster all the time. a huge deck overlooking a glacial lake full of tadpoles the size of your fist. also a hammock, because those are nice anywhere. ideally, this house comes with a yellow lab who is very snuggly.

vacation fantasy number three: some cabin in the mountains. near a field. and a creek. maybe an orchard? yes, let’s put an orchard in. a lot of mystery books at this place, because there is nothing so invigorating as staying up too late by a roaring fireplace because your overactive imagination is pretty sure the thriller you just read is a real-life tale.

instead, i’m holed up at my parents’ house with two snoring dogs. which is not so bad. one of them smells a bit. a lot. but there is a patio, easy access to food and friends, and i think…for now, this is a good summer.