personal challenge: let’s give this a go

so, my friend rachel recently completed a 60 day running challenge. she did something simple: ran every day for 60 days. and it sort of goaded me into running more each week. and now she’s starting a new challenge (click to see) and i’ve made a blatantly copycat life decision. do my own running challenge. starting tomorrow. run once a day. every day. for 30 days. because in being honest with myself, i know that when student teaching starts mid-august, my life is going to be way off-kilter for a bit, and i may need to press pause on running until i get things back in order and reset my schedule. but if i run every day for 30 days (so from tomorrow through august 14), maybe i can start to feel so much that running is part of my everyday that i will be much more likely to keep it up. to keep running.

tomorrow i know for a fact that the dogs will wake me up at roughly 5:30 am. i’ll get up, feed them, let them romp about outside, wake myself up a bit, and go for a run. not a long run. just a see-how-it-goes run. and then i’ll get myself cleaned up and go to work.

right. so. there you go. i’m holding myself to this. let’s see what happens. rachel was bad-ass and posted every day on facebook when she did this. i am not sure if i will do that. but i will quite certainly get a calendar and gold star stickers and put a star every day.

if i were a real grown-up, this would be a “floss every day” challenge, but let’s be honest. that is not in the cards. blech.