day 3

1.48 miles, 88 degrees out, 11.16/mile.

it was a hilly run, too, which was stupid, but awoke some part of my brain that thinks in bumper sticker slogans. here are my thoughts during this run.

1. it’s okay to walk up hill

2. always run in the shade.

3. long pants in summer are a terrible idea. i may feel like a Spandex Goddess, but i don’t think i can actually remove these running capris as they are now adhered to my legs. (less a bumper sticker, more just a fact)

4. if the lady running with the (empty) baby stroller can keep running, so can i

5. running past fire stations when the firefighters are working outside is a good ego boost

6. gatorade is better than coffee.

7. stretch more.

i’ve also added ten push-ups to my morning routine. i go outside, stretch my legs (which i should do more of ) and do ten push-ups before i go for my run. eventually, i want to add twenty sit-ups. i have no idea if my logic is sound, but activating muscles that don’t do as much as my legs before i run must do something. right? if any runners out there have any brilliant pre- or post-run exercises that they’d recommend, let me know.