day 4

1.65 miles, 11 minute pace, around 75 degrees out? probably. i also know that my first mile (which i ran without walking) was a 10:30 pace. i ran more of this that i walked. and i didn’t feel too out of breath or like i might vomit, which i think means i’m finding my good running pace.

today i switch to another house for my second house-sitting job for the summer, and i’m not very familiar with the area it’s in (at least in terms of good places to run). there is a high school across from the neighborhood the house is in, so i may see if i can run on their track.

i also banged up my knee yesterday – while walking, because i have skills – and was a bit worried about stiffness or soreness. but, to my happy surprise, no pain during my run. considering, however, that this is the knee that i royally messed up in college (epic fall in the rain, while less than sober, on a sidewalk), i will probably need to buy a new knee one day.