challenge update

i’ve still been running, i swear, i just failed at updating y’all. and my phone is downstairs, and i am upstairs, so i have no access to the times or miles run. but, it has been going well, and i am pleased.

one thing of interest yesterday – it was crazy hot when i went for my run, and usually i return from a run all blotchy and horrible. i’ve had a neurosurgeon ask if i was having a stroke, and she was totally serious. it is not pretty. but yesterday, i went to splash water on my face and noticed that i was just flushed all over, not blotchy and stroke-y. i’m wondering if perhaps the blotchiness was due to my not running on a regular basis, and so my cardio health was wonky. could be that by really dedicating myself to running, my system is actually getting better, and the blotchy is going away.

also, i’m becoming aware of my calf muscles, and keep gazing at them. there is the faintest hint of definition there, and i love it.