summer tv

i’ve been watching a lot of tv shows aimed at teenage girls. pretty little liars is my new favorite, minus the creepy, creepy romance between a 17-year-old and her former high school english teacher. i also just hate-watched my way through all 7 seasons of grey’s anatomy available on instant watch. i hit the point where i thought it was a good show. my brain warped. never again. until season 8 is on DVD. i also power-watched private practice, which is a strange show with some good characters and a few characters who i legitimately hate.

but now. now i’m watching a grown-up show. my friend alyssa, who is fabulous, and whose opinion i trust when it comes to anything and everything pop culture (especially tv), suggested that i give sons of anarchy a try. i started last night. and i fell in love with the show within five minutes. well-written characters, some exceptionally pretty people, and storylines that pull you in. i’m finding the roles of women in the show exceptionally interesting. the show, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is about a motorcycle gang in california called sons of anarchy. the first season introduces us to the men of this band of outlaws, focusing on a man named jax (whose father founded the gang). we also meet the women in their lives – jax’s mother gemma, his ex-wife wendy, and an ex from high school named tara. the roles of women in the show are beautifully written – gemma as the matriarch of the SOA, wendy as a woman battling her addictions (and the mother of a premie), and tara as a doctor who returned to the town she hated – and right now, i have no idea what her deal is.

anyhow. if you want fluff, give pretty little liars a shot. if you want a show that sucks you in, is excellently written, and sometimes is very violent, watch sons of anarchy.