grad school looms, again

and the financial aid joyride (um, except, less joy) begins. again. in essence: my school has to confirm that i am not being funded by any department within the school in order for my federal loan offers to be made available. this seems like a VERY SIMPLE thing. my school decided in the spring who got scholarships or grants. i was not one of those people. couldn’t they have sent that list of “people who get money” to the financial aid folks, then said “oh, and the rest of the students don’t get money from us”? would that not have been easy?

i know how much money i need to ask for. i know that my tuition bill is up. i know when the loan money will roll through (usually a couple of days before the bill is due). i know when the bill is due. i know all of this. and yet, despite everything being straightforward and obvious…it’s never a smooth process.

i’ve also decided that once i have my degree and my license and a job, i’m writing out all the money i have spent on two years of learning, then calculating what i’ll make in the first two years of my job, and pointing out to whomever will listen that i am SO NOT PROFITING AT ALL.

one year to go. one semester of student teaching. one semester of researchy stuff. i can do this.