Monthly Archive: August, 2012

three days in, here is what i’ve learned

the first three days of student teaching are behind me now. here is what i have learned, in list form. 1. your students will break your heart in a million ways. 2. find… Continue reading

day two: oof

two meltdowns by 10 am tech issues bad shoe choice bug bites ALL OVER my legs. not school related, i think and all the sadness i’ve been hiding about the lives of a… Continue reading

first day of school

YAY. also, ACK. here are my thoughts this early morning 1. i want the kids to like me, which is shallow but honest 2. i want my teacher to be proud of me… Continue reading

it has begun

student teaching. sort of. kiddos arrive next wednesday. i am so. f*ing. tired. already. i also stabbed my thumb opening my wine tonight. and am covered in paper cuts. and smell like lamination.… Continue reading

on that whole “healthy eating” thing…or not

if i had a scone for lunch, then eating…28 chocolate-chip-and-bacon cookies for dinner is just sticking to a diet plan, right? goddamn. pictures to follow. also, THIS.

hello, august

this month marks the end of my summer and the beginning of student teaching. august 13 i return to the elementary school for staff meetings and classroom set-up. i think it’s terribly important… Continue reading