hello, august

this month marks the end of my summer and the beginning of student teaching. august 13 i return to the elementary school for staff meetings and classroom set-up. i think it’s terribly important to be prepared for what the month will bring, so i do the obvious things: talk to my clinical instructor (CI) about hours and expectations, look at gym hours for a possible yoga class to take, and read my horoscope for the month.

no, seriously. i do that every month. and yes, i know, deep in my logic center, that horoscopes and reading the stars and planets to determine our outcomes here on earth are all very silly. and not real. but sometimes they’re spot on. last month called for wonky times with a graduate program – and financial aid and my department managed to miscommunicate so much that i didn’t hear about loans until two weeks after everyone else.

so, what does august hold in store, according to susan miller (of astrology zone)?

1. mercury has been in retrograde for a while, which makes everything all delayed and grumpy (truth). that ends august 8, so apparently life should start to look up around then. it becomes stronger (planets are strong, okay?) on august 22 – which is the first day of school for student teaching, so that bodes well (especially in terms of career progress, apparently. SEE, IT’S SPOT-ON)

2. regarding career stuff: august has a lot going for me, it seems. which is good news. i’ll get great ideas, impress higher-ups (august 22 is supposed to be my best day for that), and earn more money (um. not sure about that. but okay!)

3. i should be careful about my spine – the lower back, my bones, my teeth. DID I NOT JUST SAY YESTERDAY THAT MY BACK IS HURTING AND SO IS MY HIP? IT’S ALL ACCURATE.

4. LURVE. apparently the manfriend and i will plan a spontaneous trip early this month. um, i’m going to DC tomorrow to see him, but that was planned.

5. the full moon is a big deal for me, apparently. i’m hoping that means the kind of mediocre summer i’ve had is leading to an epic and gloriously happy fall.

6. something will happen around my home on august 31 – either moving in or out, or buying furniture. well, a new roommates moves in around then, and we need to buy a kitchen table. also, we should be on the lookout for floods in the home. this is no joke, susan miller. our dishwasher once flooded the kitchen. MY EYES ARE ON YOU, DISHWASHER.

7. if i were in a new relationship, i should be girding my loins for september’s emotional disaster, but she specifically says that those of us in solid and committed relationships don’t need to worry. and apparently this is a good month for my friendships. yay! friends!

obviously a lot of this hinges on the fact that in a given 30-day period, people have back pain, things go awry at the house, they go to work, and are occasionally happy. but…i like fluffy things, like llamas and horoscopes. so i’m sticking to my guns and trusting in susan.