food to make me less grumpy

1. chicken noodle soup 

2. oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (which came out in two GIANT PAN-SHAPED COOKIES and yea, i’m going to eat them like cake)

things that don’t make me happy: emails sent AFTER office hours casually informing me that my federal loans have not all been accepted (uh, false) and that i will LOSE THEM ALL FOREVER on december 3.


also. the federal student aid PIN won’t acknowledge me, and i am just NOT in the mood for ANY OF THIS RED TAPE AND SHENANIGANS.

and my soup is yelling at me. so i’m going to go strain it, and drink it, and have some delicious wine, and IGNORE THE STUPID EMAIL.

pre-student teaching, i would be crying right now. but i have 20 students who take all my energy, so i no longer have the oomph to care.