bidding farewell to 2012

everyone and their mom is doing a year-end wrap-up post. i am too full of bacon and french press to really use a lot of words, so here’s a quick synopsis: friends, food, wine, teaching.

my hope for 2013 is that it is as awesome as it promises to be. i have some big, grown-up life events approaching, and am super-excited about them. also a bit nervous because i hate job-hunting. and packing. but i think there are some fun travel plans thrown in there, and my best friend is getting married, and overall, i suspect it will be a very good year.

i’m heading out to meet said best friend so we can go meet the woman designing her wedding dress (for the record: L getting hitched makes me feel REALLY fricking grown-up. we’ve been friends since birth. time goes by really fast.), and i plan to ring in 2013 with a few good friends and a lot of prosecco. and i’ve already put about a pound of glitter on my already gold nails. sparkles! bubbles! friends! solid end to 2012 and start to 2013.

oh, and a haircut on wednesday, because while i hate spending money, i need to pamper myself a little more this year.