Monthly Archive: January, 2013

friday! thank goodness

this has been a really surreal week, and while i’m not going to go into detail on the internet, i will say that i have amazing friends and family and i appreciate all… Continue reading

photo for the day

  hello all, there won’t be a bachelor recap for last night’s episode, since it’s low on my list of priorities today. in lieu of that, a photo from a walk around the… Continue reading

whole 30: uh, no

so in all my research on this thing, i read a lot about how you’d be kind of cranky but how that’s really your brain in withdrawal from your carb and sugar addiction.… Continue reading

the bachelor: episode 2

welcome to the recap of episode dos of season 8039 of the bachelor! we open with shirtlessness, because of course. sean rambles about how his wife was definitely in the room when he… Continue reading

Whole 30: Day One

for my friends and loved ones: a friendly warning. today marks day one of my Whole 30 Challenge. until February 12, roughly, I’m cutting out dairy, grains, legumes, alcohol, and potatoes. that means… Continue reading

season 17 of the bachelor: initial thoughts

sean lowe is the bachelor for season 17 of the most absurd show ever. he had his heart “like, broken” by emily in the previous season of the bachelorette, is from texas, is… Continue reading

a new food obsession

in perusing a new favorite blog (she seems very open and honest and into yoga, and I like this combo in my writers), I learned abut something called Whole 30. upon learning that… Continue reading

on happiness, and finding it

one of my least favorite characteristics (that I so thoroughly embody) is overworrying. the manfriend and I were discussing Things That Make Tess Anxious today, and y’all, the list is alarmingly long. in… Continue reading

running through the (rib) pain

i pulled a muscle (or broke a rib…that’s up in the air) from coughing, which has led to nearly a week of intense rib pain. that stymied my laborious efforts to get back… Continue reading