running through the (rib) pain

i pulled a muscle (or broke a rib…that’s up in the air) from coughing, which has led to nearly a week of intense rib pain. that stymied my laborious efforts to get back into running, but i went for a longer run today – and there were mixed results. i could finally breathe normally, and if it weren’t for the muscle that’s been pulled deciding to seize up midway through, i think i would have been able to run the whole thing. instead, it seized, pain went all over creation, and i nearly threw up on a church lawn. whee.

a soak in the tub helped some, though i’m definitely still hurting. HOWEVER. holiday back-up on amazon deliveries has cleared up, so my two new work-out dvds arrived! hurrah! i’ll be alternating between the 30-day shred and yoga meltdown (both by jillian michaels, who scares me and is therefore effective). i’m going to give my rib muscles a couple more days of laying low before starting this routine up on monday. i’m hoping that alternating the routines will let me work muscles in different ways and keep me from being bored.

one last thing – a plug for the Fig app (for iOS or android). i started using it today to track my health and well-being activities, and i really love it. i respond well to guilt trips, and this app is like having a guilt trip for all the little things i should do more often (make my bed, floss, drink more water..). you set the activities you want to complete, how often you want to complete them (once a day? a week? 3 times a day?), and if you want to share them with friends in the app or just for yourself. right now i have it set for just me to see. every time you do one of the activities you decided to work on doing more often, you log it on a user-friendly “today” screen that has a plus icon for you to click next to the activity completed. i highly recommend it as a nice boost to resolution-keeping – or just general being a better/more functional human.