a new food obsession

in perusing a new favorite blog (she seems very open and honest and into yoga, and I like this combo in my writers), I learned abut something called Whole 30. upon learning that the fabulous lady behind What I Wore was also doing the “Whole 30 challenge”, I looked it up. from what I can tell, it is a paleo-inspired food philosophy – that what you eat is either making you healthier or not, and that you should figure out what foods make you healthier, then eat them. there’s a book (It Starts With Food), which I am toying with buying, and their website has a lot of resources, including what to buy at the store and what to cut out completely. the Whole 30 thing is 30 days of cutting out the food that isn’t good (and sticking to food that has as few ingredients as possible).

I rocked a juice cleanse last year, but that ish was expensive and also I only drank juice for three days and was underwhelmed by my results. so I’m intrigued by this idea – a revamping of my eating habits seems plausible and like the results might last. it also seems cheaper. I eat pretty healthy now, and mostly avoid junk food, but I think it’s safe to say I love sugar in a really unhealthy way. and I’ve been feeling old and creaky recently, so perhaps I should give Whole 30 a shot to see if there’s a food culprit behind my symptoms. I don’t think this would be too drastic a challenge for me, and plan to buy the book to see what’s up. if any of y’all have tried this, let me know! I’d love to hear about your experience with it.