friday! thank goodness

this has been a really surreal week, and while i’m not going to go into detail on the internet, i will say that i have amazing friends and family and i appreciate all of them more than i can even say.

i was all set to do a friday “things that were awesome” post, but…this week. man. i don’t even know what’s happening on the internet. i do know that i have applied to jobs (!!) for teaching next year (excitevomit is a thing, i think, because it’s how i feel). and i know that obama is in his second term, and one of my courses is asking us to follow his education decisions closely, so that’ll be interesting. i know that i have a pile of clean clothing on the floor and ought to put it away now.

anyhow. i am tired and it is cold and i am just grateful for so many things that i’m going to go away and leave y’all with this video, to which i just rocked out. also it makes a wonderful genius playlist.