Monthly Archive: February, 2013

flitting around in my brain

one of my favorite professors went on a delightful rant yesterday about the role of arts and music in our education system – or the lack thereof, really. she argued that if we… Continue reading

on stress, and this week’s anxiety level

i think that, if i had a color chart for my anxiety level, the level for this week would be fuchsia (ohmygod i spelled that correctly) with little sparkly neon stars around the… Continue reading

what made me happy this week

LINKS. it is rainy and sleety and gross, so i’m snuggled up in the coffee shop to brave the job application that has been taunting me for weeks. my boyfriend and i were… Continue reading


waiting outside of a room too full of people for me to comfortably enter. this? is the very pretty chandelier above me. not too shabby, ceiling.

goats: they’re just like us

alternate post title has something to do with clarice. god. i watched this last night and nearly peed myself laughing. goats are hysterical.

monday morning, smiling

so here’s how my morning went (well. after coffee with dad, which was lovely.) 1. send “WE CAN DO THIS” email to K. 2. watch the following video from K. 3. feel like… Continue reading

what made me happy this week

links! CLICK ON THEM ALL. my one heart-melting, holiday-appropriate link is here. watch adorable old people dance to their first dance song from their weddings. this was an interesting read on women taking… Continue reading

on teaching math and internalizing stereotypes

two warnings: this is totally not a valentine’s day post, and it’s going to be wordy. but i think it’s really, really important – important enough that it took me two hours to… Continue reading

photo post (or, i have a new phone with a functional camera)

television and education

if you’ve watched House of Cards at all, you know that the education bill is a big deal. i’m studying the various laws around education right now, so this article in Education Week… Continue reading