things i liked this week

(presenting a new feature in which i am lazy and just post links to things i liked. please to enjoy.)

this shirt. despite my aversion to graphic tees. i like it.

russian tea cakes and brownies. that was about 80% of my food intake this week and it was so worth it. (no link. they’re all in my belly)

i want this in my life. joy the baker, let’s be friends. peanut butter! chocolate!

hello, donuts.

this story has been all over the internets and HOLY CRAP, it’s insane.

i’m MOH in my best friend’s wedding this summer and so my internet history includes a lot of wedding blogs. this one, i like a lot. (lily, are you reading this? i like this blog).

goodbye, 30 rock. hello, hamlet the mini-pig, who perseveres like a champ.

finally, bears!

p.s. the past two weeks have been surreal and weird and not exactly fun. thank you to my friends for emails and texts and trashy magazines and websites and all of the love. you people are my favorites.