what made me smile this week

okay. let’s have some real-talk. i HATE cold weather. lawd. i’m pretty much always cold, i live with a man who is part polar bear and DOES NOT turn the heat up to a reasonable temperature EVER (the rest of the roommates totally agree with me, i’m sure) (also, “reasonable” to me is about 85 degrees if it’s remotely chilly out). and they’ve started naming winter storms, apparently, which just gives winter too much power. total nonsense. and then given the number of projects i had this week…i just was NOT feeling it. any of it. the weather. the work. the incredible levels of cranky. the eating random snacks for meals. it’s the grad-school-stress diet!

that being said, here are a few things i liked this week.

STRAWBERRIES. holy. god. this looks tasty.

some very pretty prints over at minted, which could prove to be a dangerous place for me. i like the river rocks prints a lot.

speaking of hating winter…winter in puerto rico looks perhaps more pleasant.

finally, attending NYFW is on my bucket list. i need to make friends who can get me to shows. until then, the cut has great coverage.

also. i’ve been watching friday night lights (sort of again, but really for the first time). the pilot. i was in a ball of emotion on the couch. great day, y’all, this show.