this year’s undergrad uniform, and how i might be wearing it now

when i was in undergrad, the “uniform” of choice was a denim mini-skirt with Uggs. it was inexplicable and truly hideous. i elected to not wear it ever.

now it seems that the young ones all wear black leggings and black boots and probably a shirt but it’s winter and everyone is in coats, so they might be naked underneath those coats.

and my friend K and i judge the bejesus out of them. and quietly mutter “put on some real pants” as we pass them. and i dunno about K, but i feel old and decrepit and riddled with insecurities because I COULD NEVER WEAR LEGGINGS AS PANTS AND HAVE NO ANXIETIES ABOUT THAT DECISION.

and then this morning, i  realized that i (a) have no clean clothing and (b) was running too close to schedule to throw a load of clothes in the wash. so i put on my ridiculously soft leggings (no longer available, but super good purchase), and a blue tunic dress, and a pair of knee-high black boots.

i don’t regret it. my legs are essentially wearing a cashmere blanket and god love spandex.

so. this post is really me trying to find a way to say i’m not wearing the undergrad uniform. i mean. i have a dress on. but. i’m also wearing leggings. and boots.

i don’t even know. i’m going to drink my coffee and contemplate my life thus far and what led me to this point.