on stress, and this week’s anxiety level

i think that, if i had a color chart for my anxiety level, the level for this week would be fuchsia (ohmygod i spelled that correctly) with little sparkly neon stars around the edges.

i’ve got three big things on my plates this week. school provides a presentation, a lesson plan, and a midterm. future career provides a school-hosted job fair (for which i need to buy a lady-suit. whee!). and life provides a big step in a thing i’m not really talking about on the internet. but it’s a kind of scary unknown big step.

so. how to cope? i’ll set up tea dates with K, who is a good sounding board for all my spazzy tendencies (though, um, sometimes that backfires and we both end up hiding under a table looking for zombies). i’ll have skype dates with the man-friend. i’ll go for early morning runs (hahahaha look! i made a joke!). i’ll stress-bake. i’ll spend a lot of time in the library. and i’ll make TOTALLY inappropriate jokes on the internet with my friend, M (in which i say that i plan to bribe schools with cookies. and treat the job fair like speed dating. and i’m maybe not kidding about the cookies.)

also. i’ll shop for shoes. because i’m irresponsible and shoes are pretty.

and perhaps i’ll procrastinate by creating my anxiety color chart. that sounds like a healthy idea.