flitting around in my brain

one of my favorite professors went on a delightful rant yesterday about the role of arts and music in our education system – or the lack thereof, really. she argued that if we want to teach the whole child, we need to do more than just learn how to teach math, science, reading, and social studies. we need to have teacher ed programs that require future elementary school teachers take courses on art, music, poetry, creative writing, dance, etc. that it’s ridiculous that the students who are lucky enough to come from higher SES backgrounds are the ones who can get that well-rounded education via after-school dance classes, music lessons, sports teams, and art classes. that we have a responsibility to reach every child on every level – maybe a student isn’t a great reader, but is an untapped artist. and that artistic ability could be the door opening gift they need to change the world in some way.

so. i don’t have time to write more on my thoughts on this, because it’s pouring cold rain and i have to go to class in a minute. but in summary: i agree! and i think maybe teacher education programs ought to be at least a semester longer in order to cover all of that.

okay. that’s all. let me know your thoughts! art! music! dance! poetry! IS OUR CHILDREN LEARNING?