oh, weekend, let’s be friends FOREVER

let’s be real, i would not know what day it was if it weren’t for the fact that my computer tells me it’s friday.

this week. i swear. i’m so over it. SO FIVE MINUTES AGO. i’m housesitting right now and after my day/week, i really wanted some wine. and so i bought wine. at the sketchiest convenience store in the world. and y’all, it tastes like it. ugh. also i may fall asleep before i finish it.

i don’t know what happened on the internet today. here are some cute animals to compensate for this lack of links. click through to the otter and polar bear because, while they are awesome, i cannot figure out embedding. or at least, i am too tired to try.

HEDGEHOG. i am obsessed with this video.

here is this otter, telling you what i’m going to do ALL WEEKEND. sleep. upside down. in a plastic tube.

and then this polar bear basically meets the ice and the ice wins, which is how i feel about me and this week. THE ICE IS THE WEEK. I FAIL.

okay. the dog is sleeping like a champ and i’m going to force myself to finish this glass of death-wine, and go sleep until forever. it’s going to be AMAZING.