a new week

last week felt like i was living the definition of “the stars aligned” except they were really vengeful stars, and i ended my week in sort of a funk, to say the least.

so i spent the weekend parked on the couch watching terrible tv shows and talking to the dog i was taking care of as if she were going to respond to my insights.

and it worked. i have one week until spring break, and i think i can get there in one piece.

i have meetings today, and a list of people to follow up with regarding a job fair last friday. and i have class. but i also have dinner with two good friends tonight, and i’m actively working to not get sucked into the hyper-competitive and grade-obsessed world of grad school this week. it’s not worth it. it’s giving me stress pimples and making my hair dull and i get a manic look in my eyes and then end up crying to my advisor that i’m going to live in a refrigerator box. which is a strange ‘worst case scenario’, but that’s mine. living in a refrigerator box.

i’m going to clean my room. and do some laundry. and do some work this week. and remember to have perspective on things. and snuggle with the dog, who, while drooly, is pretty darn cute.