post-snowquester analysis

if you follow me on twitter, you got to witness my slow descent into madness when my house was without power for about 22 hours (conservative guess).

virginia does not often get snow. usually, if winter hits us, it’s with an ice storm. yesterday, we got smacked upside the head by mother nature with a snowstorm. i’m not sure what time it started snowing (i think tuesday night), but by the time i woke up around 6 or so on wednesday, we had no power, and the snow was falling heavy and fast. i snuggled up in bed for a bit before venturing out (hoping against all odds that maybe the circuit to my room was just blown).

tree in the backyard around 7 AM

tree in the backyard around 7 AM

after a call to the power company to report a nearly-down line in front of our house (the power outage had been reported around 6), i went out for coffee and breakfast from the local coffee shop. my roommate and i fueled up, then i helped him shovel the driveway and clear the cars of snow (YOU’RE WELCOME, NEIGHBORS).

then….we sat. and waited for the power. we ordered food, we talked, and we slowly lost our minds. i spent a worrisome amount of time watching the cable box to see if a light would come on. i napped. we lived under blankets.

basically, we don’t function well without power, heat, and internet. MY PRECIOUS. i missed you all so much.

a friend took us in for a bit last night, so we got heat, and access to outlets to charge everything, and then we played card games and drank and felt better about everything, until we got home and found that the power was still out. i slept under 5 blankets.

power came back on after about 22 hours, which was a glorious moment in my life. at 4 in the morning.

so. i know people have dealt with worse situations. but i didn’t get to write yesterday and i wanted to share my saga with y’all.

i’ll be here, on the couch, trying to lift my arms above my head. EVERYTHING IS HURTING.