link happy

i’m going to resist the urge to post penguin videos here. BE STRONG, TESS.

great piece on the bachelor via the very wise clare malone. who i know. and so that statement is biased. but true.

this is the school that my boyfriend attended, and i think it’s totally cool that the students designed the new building.

alyssa rosenberg, who is also a friend, and whose writing sometimes gives me goosebumps on the brain, knocks it out of the park with this piece on consent in pop culture. sometimes, How I Met Your Mother makes me laugh (often, just at how miserably awful Ted is), but she is spot-on about Barney Stinson.

i’m a fan of this photo gallery of famous photographers posing with some of their most famous images.

that’s all i got. it’s spring break, so i’m going to spend this last friday of freedom transcribing videos of students being assessed. PARTY.