hi friends, i’m still here

i sort of fell off the face of the planet last week. sorry, y’all.

basic updates:

we had more snow, i hated everything

snowy tree

and the aftermath: wet streets and snow-kissed trees




today is a crazy-busy day made worse by a sleep-deprivation-induced headache and general twitchiness regarding jobs and hoping that no one ever asks me again how the job hunt is going. but then i saw a duck by the pond outside of my school, and everything was happy again. also, five seconds after i took this photo, the duck’s friends joined and they all went swimming happily off and my heart grew two sizes.



now it’s smoothie time, and working on how to introduce a new big goal to y’all , and wondering where to go to get my boot’s zipper repaired. and procrastinating like a champ on all the school assignments i have due in the next month.