Monthly Archive: April, 2013

monday product love

this is one of my favorite lip products – NYX jumbo lip pencil. i would really call it a crayon, though – you can outline a bit but it’s truly lipstick in a… Continue reading

week three is done {a running update}

i’m writing this on the couch on a laptop that just started making a jet engine noise, so if i die in a ball of fire, i love you all dearly. one thing… Continue reading


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i’ll take 93

in class yesterday, a friend mentioned this graphic from WSJ, which ranks 200 jobs from best to worst (related article found here) in college, i had a job at #140 (sales person –… Continue reading

goal-setting, the half-marathon, and other things

yes, more on this new and improved tess, the runner who never writes. i’m not sorry. as i move through this half-marathon training program, i’m doing a lot more thinking about the¬†why of… Continue reading

there are so many beyonce song lyrics that i could use for this post title

yesterday marks day one of week one of the 24-week half-marathon training program i dropped nearly $100 on. it is possible i have lost my mind, but stick with me. i’ve tried to… Continue reading