monday product love

this is one of my favorite lip products – NYX jumbo lip pencil. i would really call it a crayon, though – you can outline a bit but it’s truly lipstick in a super-easy-to-apply form. i have it in honey nectar (see coffee cup photo for the true shade) and chaos (which is a divine hot pink). the only major downside is that you cannot sharpen it – so once it’s done, it’s done (though you could technically go crazy like one of hte commenters on the product page and take the product apart, microwave and refreeze the lip pencil, and use it again). given that it only costs $4.50, i would just…buy a new one. if you’re looking for a pop of bright color this spring, definitely grab some of these babies – smooth, stays on for a while, and SO easy to apply, even without a mirror.

honey nectar

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