Monthly Archive: May, 2013

travel tales

I’m going to be off-blog for a couple of days while the manfriend and I go to a friend’s wedding and explore a new city for a long weekend. I’m ridiculously happy about… Continue reading

music to run to {running}

see, now it’s a useful post! i’m all over the place, y’all. i just registered to run the navy-air force half-marathon in DC on september 14. this is big. i have put money… Continue reading

bachelorette season 9: episode 1 {recap}

goodness, today’s posts are just all about guilty pleasures. on season 17 of the bachelor, the effervescent and smiley desiree got booted – she was in the final four, and got sent home… Continue reading

vehicular karaoke

it may not have happened with this particular song, but i think it is safe to say that we have all experienced a moment where we both HATE a song and HATE how… Continue reading

memorial day {remember}

today i hold in the light the men and women who lost their lives protecting our country. to my friends, family, and readers who are remembering a loved one’s sacrifice today, i send… Continue reading

link happy

here are things that i enjoyed on the internet this week so. much. feta. i want to eat this salad forever. this film (by a fourth grader) about the truth behind school lunches… Continue reading

everything hurts, i can’t breathe, and i HATE THIS {running}

well. that title should tell you how i felt on my three runs this week. more so on my tuesday run than my friday run, and more so on my friday run than… Continue reading

long weekend update

oh, wait. that’s supposed to be read as “here is an update on my long weekend” not, “a long update on the weekend”. english is finicky, yo. today is my dad’s birthday, so… Continue reading

friday is interview day/sitting in traffic day

hey kids, i’m writing this a day in advance because today (friday) is going to be BONKERS. i have two interviews with schools i am very excited about – which is fantastic, but… Continue reading

life in photos

taking a break from words, and just showing you life in photos recently.   most of my photos show up on my instagram feed, i try to upload them to flickr as well.