some days, you just need to eat some cookie dough

a combination of the stress of getting it all done before graduation and the fact that i now exercise on a regular basis means that my brain is like, we need to eat EVERYTHING.  i got the worst craving for cookie dough the other night. not cookies. just the dough. you’ve been there, i know it.

but i hate to waste eggs and so i went to the internet and found a recipe for eggless cookie dough. the person who posted it was all “oh, salmonella this” and “bad for you that” and i was all, um, i’ve been eating cookie dough with eggs since birth, i think i’m okay with eggs. i just am cheap. and didn’t want to get egg on my hands. her recipe was meh (too much sugar, too much vanilla, too much salt), so here is what i plan to put together the next time i do this.

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 stick sugar (soft)

cream those two ingredients together

add in the following (stir, stir, stir)

1/2 to 1 teaspoon vanilla (go with your heart, i guess)

1 cup flour

dash of salt

stir in chocolate chips. i don’t believe in amounts of chocolate chips. more is better.

add in a sploosh of milk. or water, if milk isn’t your thing. stir. add more if you need in order to get to the cookie-dough-consistency you so desire.

i stuck the bowl in the fridge for an hour and pretended it was weird ice cream – two scoops will do. totally delicious, i didn’t use eggs, and it doesn’t make so much that i felt ridiculous.