come join me on a run

well. using technology, that is. i’m not a social runner. no offense. you’re lovely. just let me find my running groove before i start trying to run with you. it’s for your own good.

i use runkeeper to track my runs. it is quite simple and quite nice. i love that i can set intervals for my runs, and then just…go. and it makes a little “boop” noise and a nice lady-voice tells me to walk for however long, or to run for however long, and my music keeps going. and even when i finish the run, and leave the app, it keeps playing my tunes.

i also just discovered dailymile, which lets me pop my running info in after each run, and then tells me fun things like how many donuts i’ve burned or how many TVS i’ve powered. obviously i have not actually powered a TV with a run, that would be alarming on many levels, but i like seeing my energy output in terms that make more sense to my brain than, “well, that was…a lot of breathing, i guess?”.

so! click the links! be my internet running friend! do it. DO IT.