what my mom has taught me

my family is really not that big into the card holidays. valentine’s day, sure, but we’ve never done big things for mother’s day or father’s day.

camping in vermont when i was very little (and apparently incapable of sitting up straight)

camping in vermont when i was very little (and apparently incapable of sitting up straight)

this year is different. this year we’re celebrating the hell out of my mother, because she is brilliant, beautiful, and kicks ass. so, in honor of you, mama krovetz, here is the list (ever-growing) of things you have taught me (many silly things, a few serious). i love you to the moon and back.

1. men who drive flashy or oversized vehicles are likely compensating

2. dogs are just the best

3. it is good to have a green thumb and to spend time in the garden (though…this would be easier to learn if i hadn’t mutated into Girl Who Kills All Plants)

4. when you need to have a kitchen dance party, an eggplant is an excellent substitute for a microphone

5. lyle, dave, and bruce are the three ideal men. (for a while, lance was on that list. not actually sure if he’s on there anymore)

6. tarantino is a genius

7. care deeply about people.

8. life without cheese is not worth living.

9. you’re going to make mistakes. that doesn’t mean you’re not worth loving.

10. going to the beach is the perfect vacation.

11. move every day. run, walk, swim, bike. get out there and move.

12. ladies swear.

13. find things to laugh about when everything seems dark and miserable.

14. seek the light at the end of the tunnel, it is there.

15. hugs from moms fix every problem

OKAY. well, now i’m sort of crying into my coffee, so i’m stopping this list here. the list does go on, i promise you that. mom, you’re the best. i am a lucky woman to have you as my mother. your compassion, sense of humor, honesty, and general awesomeness (even when things are sort of really crappy) make me smile on a daily basis. as i get older, i start to have moments where i think “oh, that’s totally something mom would do”, but instead of causing panic, it makes me proud. you’re my best friend, my confidante, and i love you to the moon and back.

see you for dinner tonight. i’m bringing you a basket of puppies. don’t tell dad.