photo app recommendation: a beautiful mess

today after my run, i got strange looks for standing awkwardly over the random poppy blooming in our front yard and taking a photo (that…didn’t save. dang.) of the flower.

i like to photograph everything. puppies. my nails. my friends. food. beverages. Legos. flowers. kitties. funny signs. my feet.

so when i heard that A Beautiful Mess, one of my favorite blogs (food, photography, style, and pretty things), was coming out with a photo app? I DIED. their photos are not only lovely, with simple but pretty filters, they also have delicate text and doodles on them. and i wanted it.

and now? now i have it. following are some photos i ran through the app as i played with it today.


one of the photos i took over the weekend, run through one of their filters (there are three color filters and three b&w filters), plus a border (you get 16 free borders with the purchase of the app, and can elect to purchase EVEN MORE borders – there are 3 packs for 99 cents each), and text (again, you get 11 free fonts).


then i figured out i could pick colors for the font! and i added a doodle (the arrow) in a color as well! FLAIL. minor complaint: it took me a few minutes to realize that the random blocks of color across the bottom of the screen were (a) color choices and (b) there were a lot of them – i just had to scroll across.


a lovely stripey flower from the backyard of the family i babysit for. no filter here, but oodles of things added.IMG_0750

and edits done to a photo of my favorite person and me from a vineyard expedition. hello, wind in my face. also, AMPERSAND, i swoon for how swirly you are.

once you edit to your heart’s content, you can choose to share it via twitter, facebook, instagram, and a few other ways. it also saves to your camera roll.

overall, i really love this app. it’s easy to use, beautifully thought out, and while it might make more serious photographers cringe, i think it’s really fun.  i hope the ladies of ABM come out with more fonts, doodles, and borders – and more filters, please! right now, it is only for iOS – the link just above takes you to the app store to purchase for only 99 cents. a worthy use of less than a dollar, y’all. get it.