pantene bb cream for hair {product love}

a year ago, zooey deschanel drove me up a wall. then i read the glamour interview with her, and begrudgingly acknowledged that i might think she’s awesome. after watching all of season one of new girl in about two days, i had a series of conversations with my friend that went along the lines of “i like this show, friend”, “well you should, tess, you’re basically her”, “WHAT?”, “you have bangs, you’re a teacher, and you live with boys”.



jess day (her character on new girl) has cute jammies, so i’m cool with this. also, she has gorgeous hair all the freaking time.

then i saw an ad for pantene bb cream for hair (technically called ultimate 10 bb creme), and she was in it, and my brain short-circuited along these lines: HAIR SHINY WANT.


so, an effective ad, i guess, because i finally found a bottle of the stuff. i’ve used it a few times after washing my hair (i wash my hair every two or three days, and experience has taught me that i should not put treatment on my hair when it’s unwashed, unless i’m putting dry shampoo on my head).

a brief synopsis of what this is supposed to do for your hair: everything. repair! smooth! no frizz! strength! unicorns! protect against heat! manage that scalp rug, ladies! you put one or two pumps of the product through damp hair post-shower or you can put some on dry hair to polish it up.

so far, here’s my breakdown of what i love and am not sold on.

love: my hair smells real good. like, hair models probably smell like this ALL the time. i noticed that my hair seems softer, and i’m seeing fewer flyaways (a bonus, because my stick-straight, fine hair tends to get super staticky). it’s also way less tangled (my hair is LONG now, so this is a huge plus). the creme is not greasy at all – silky, really – and i find that one pump of the product is enough for me (i tried two pumps and my hair felt heavier).

not so sold on: i think this is a perfectly fine product. it smoothes, it softens, it detangles. but it’s not as intense a moisturizing experience as i expected, and i think i was expecting more oomph in that department. i’m trying to rehab my hair before i donate it, and deep moisture treatment is something i want for my hair – it gets beat up by ponytail holders, my 800-year-old hairdryer, and sun and wind. i may need a more hardcore product to use once a week on my hair to really pretty it up.

however, for the amount i spent (maybe $6 at bed bath and beyond), this is a worthy product. i don’t really style my hair, so this at least gives me a more polished feel, look, and smell (no seriously, my hair smells awesome today). i’ll definitely use this every time i wash my hair, but i’ll keep searching for something else to do once a week in preparation for donating my hair in a few months.

*pantene did not sponsor this post, or me, or buy me this product. nor does the company know i exist.*