searching for the right shade of coral

yes, there are shades of coral.

it’s a real thing.


my friend MM asked me if i had a favorite shade of coral nail polish. i don’t. i have two coral lipsticks that i love – lasting finish by kate moss in #12 and covergirl lip perfection in coral twist (#235) (also why does no one do kicky names anymore? WHY ARE THERE ONLY NUMBERS?). coral is a good color for summer, in my opinion, and i’ve been wearing those two lipsticks interchangeably (the kate moss one is more vivd, the covergirl one is sheer).

i did a massive make-up and nail polish overhaul today (post coming later) and determined that i have about seven shades of red nail polish and one orange. no coral! so i went online and hunted for a good shade. my two go-to brands are OPI and essie, so here’s the list i came up with (for you, MM!!), plus one in maybelline color show (a good polish for a quick manicure – one coat does it)

OPI: bright lights big color (a fairly pure red-orange coral), mod-ern girl (much more orange than red), and tasmanian devil made me do it (more red, probably a good shade for your toes)

essie*: coral reef (more pink), california coral (pink-orange), haute as hello (a tamer coral, i think), tangerine (orangier)

maybelline color show: sweet clementine is a nice muted color, orange fix looks a little more intense

granted. i’ve never actually been in a store that sells ALL the colors of nail polish. i could order online but there is something satisfying about perusing polishes in person (alliteration!). if you’re looking for a coral to add to your polish collection (which…sigh…now i am looking for one), the above options seem pretty solid to me

*essie gets props for having a section of just coral nail polishes