graduation day

as you read this, i’ll be walking across the stage to receive my Master of Teaching* in elementary education.

actually, i’m probably sitting and waiting for my program to be called up.

it has been one of those spans of time that simultaneously goes too fast and takes forever. in those two years, i have learned a great deal. here’s a brief list of what i learned (or just…things that happened), because YAY lists.

1. i made some wonderful friends, and learned that even though making friends after college can feel like the most awkward social experience ever, i can totally handle it

2. i cried in my car. a lot. basically from august 2012-december 2012, i would have a good cry in my car after student teaching. and oddly, i learned that i like having a commute because i need that time to decompress. crying is good, you guys.

3. i really love working with kids. i mean, i guess that should be a given. but my first year of the program…i got really anxious that i would hate teaching. and then i got into my student teaching classroom, and realized that i loved it. it was a relief.

4. the restaurant down the street from my house does half-price bottles of wine on wednesdays. trust me on this. it’s great.

5. everything my professors teach is great, but might not necessarily work perfectly in a classroom with real children. that’s totally fine.

there are so many more things, but i don’t want to make this a long post. i am grateful that i had this experience, that i met the people i met, and that i found what is (for now) the right path for me. i have a place to live when i move to DC, i have a guaranteed job, and i am a lucky lady.

i leave you with the best graduation song ever, that is apparently 13 years old, and features a singer with hideously dyed hair. honey. no.

*I thought it was called “master’s of teaching” until today. whoops.