sports bras, expensive shoes, and tight pants {running}

a quick search for “what to wear when running” turns up a surprisingly great series of sites devoted to helping you pick the best outfit for running. runner’s world has a great site – you plug in what your stats are (gender, time of day you run, temperature, etc) and it spits out a list of recommendations from head to toe.

it is, however, crazy easy to get sucked into the insanity surrounding running gear. barefoot running! sweat-wicking this! compression that! lined! unlined! these pants make you look more streamlined*!

my general running gear philosophy is: does it feel good? i get irritated by shirts that ride up constantly, so any top that stays put is my favorite. i have a shoe brand and model that i love, so i try to find their latest iteration whenever i need to replace shoes. i like bright colors, so most of my running clothing is in varying shades of neon. following is my list of my favorites.


i have been wearing Brooks for a long time now – and my current shoe is the Brooks GTS 12 for women – they’re not too expensive, they fit my feet perfectly, and that’s all i need. my next shoe purchase will be aimed at finding something lighter – the brooks are great for shorter runs but as i start to run longer distance, my feet get real hot and gross, so lighter shoes (less fabric) may help.


buy thin socks. DONE. i just get cotton socks from old navy because experience has taught me that i sweat a lot, and no amount of fancy fabric in my socks is going to save me.

sports bras

man, listen. these need to be good at one thing – preventing bounce. i know. that’s not a classy thought. but it’s true. you can preach about sweat-wicking fabric till you’re blue in the face, but all i want in my sports bra is compression. i have four sports bras, all by Champion. two are older than dirt, but have held up well – they’re cotton, they wick no sweat, and they do their job admirably. the other two i bought because i run more now, and like to run in non-gross things. the new ones are in crazy colors – one is bright red, the other is neon orange on one side and reverse to hot pink. target has a great selection of champion products


like i said, i just want a top that will not ride up every few steps. it is surprisingly hard to find tops that are long enough to stay where they’re supposed to. i typically look for tops that are sleeveless (i hate sleeves. hate them.), long (if they hit just around my hips, perfect), and lightweight. gap has a good selection (i think this is the one i have?), and again, champion has good tanks.


first, let’s have an honest moment: i hate wearing underwear on runs. cotton underwear + running = ew. so i look for running pants and shorts that are lined – this means, basically, built-in underpants. WOO. old navy has a good selection (i have some of their running shorts), plus i am in love with their running capris (lightweight, no fuss). i’ve also got some champion running skorts (shorts with a skirt over them) – i love these so much. running shorts that are super tight can get unflattering as whoa (cameltoe is no one’s friend), and the skirt is flattering and not heavy at all. i have a few of these. i’ve also had my eye on the sparkly glory that is Team Sparkle running skirts. i think i may get one for my first half. they’re awesome, and appeal to the magpie within.

anyhow. those are my favorites/opinions. what do y’all prefer? any brilliant recommendations?

p.s. my only other accessories are a hair tie and a cheap headband to keep my hair out of my face. and a cheap armband for my phone.

*true story: no one cares if you look streamlined when you run. YOU’RE RUNNING. that’s awesome.

(no one sponsored this post. i just like to talk about clothing, and the companies i linked to have no idea i exist.)