friday is interview day/sitting in traffic day

hey kids,

i’m writing this a day in advance because today (friday) is going to be BONKERS. i have two interviews with schools i am very excited about – which is fantastic, but makes for a long day.

this post was initially going to be about how much anxiety i feel over interviews, but i’ve realized – i don’t feel nervous about these interviews today. i feel optimistic! both schools sound promising, they’re in a great location, and (to quote michael, who co-owns the coffee shop i frequent) ‘there aren’t a lot of question marks anymore’. he’s right. i have a place to live when i move. i am guaranteed a job. things are smooth…and my instinct is to find the bumps. there may not be too many bumps in the road, though. this is awesome. i’m going to try to revel in that.

what may be bumpy: the driving. first, it’s a two-and-a-half hour drive to the first school. including a brief stint on 395. save me. then it’s a quick hop to the second school, which i’m less scared about. but what has my face all scrunched up is the drive back. i’ll be leaving northern virginia around 2:30 or so. i’m crossing all my digits that i can get out of the area before everyone leaves work, but…it may get dicey.

so! send good vibes to me today for both the interviewing and the driving! my sanity gets tested by driving. a lot.



p.s. obviously i’ll update on how interviews go.