long weekend update

oh, wait.

that’s supposed to be read as “here is an update on my long weekend” not, “a long update on the weekend”. english is finicky, yo.

today is my dad’s birthday, so a VERY happy birthday to him. he is pretty awesome: he is training to run a marathon (and is my text buddy for running days, which is the best), he runs his own business, he is the only person our 800-year-old dog listens to, he makes things from wood, and he’s generally a wonderful person.

tomorrow is a family shindig to celebrate all kinds of things, because this year has been tough, so we need to celebrate some.

and my big plan for monday is to laze around. woo.

my other plans include getting a knee brace for my left knee, running my long run tomorrow (more on a rough running week later), and some delicious foodstuff.

what are y’al up to this weekend?