vehicular karaoke

it may not have happened with this particular song, but i think it is safe to say that we have all experienced a moment where we both HATE a song and HATE how much we love it.

there are moments when i’m planning out my blog posts for the week, and i say to myself, “tess, you should write something powerful and interesting, or at least useful”. this post was originally going to be about what songs are good for running playlists, and how music can help push you through a bad run.

then i sat in my car for a full minute outside my office so i could finish rocking out to the ever-amazing backstreet boys’ “I Want It That Way”. embedded below for your own rocking-out purposes

and then i chose to listen to a lot of NSYNC at the office this morning.

so clearly, today’s post is about the music you will happily rock out to solo, but would not necessarily want to admit to the world*. welcome to my blog. it is a safe place, and i won’t judge your choices. hell, i’ll probably go listen to them.

i have a “dance it out” playlist on my phone that comes in handy. and that i listen to in isolation. because…you guys. i listen to a lot of terrible pop music. and when the below song comes on…i will sing along. in my car. alone. vehicular karaoke, yo. no one to judge you but the trucker who is leering from on high. or the woman driving a minivan plastered with bumper stickers indicating that we may not see eye-to-eye on anything who gawks in horror as her children giggle.

there are also songs from glee that make me cry. no joke. i can’t even, sometimes. oh! and grey’s anatomy? that soundtrack makes me a mess. there’s a tegan and sara song, ‘where does the good go’, and it just brings out all of my emotions. all of them. at once. it gets real.

and then some days i hear a taylor swift song on the radio and argue with myself, much like the gentlemen in the first video in this post, about how much i loathe the song, interrupting my argument occasionally to passionately serenade the car in front of me. like this one? love. it.

so. i’ve put my own shame out here on the internet for all the world to see. your turn, readers. in the comments, share you favorite song to hate-love. or the song that makes you cry even though…dude, you’re crying about an episode of a TV show that isn’t that good.

*NSYNC and BSB are not guilt-inducing, though. just to be clear. they’re genius.