music to run to {running}

see, now it’s a useful post! i’m all over the place, y’all.

i just registered to run the navy-air force half-marathon in DC on september 14. this is big. i have put money down on registration. and a t-shirt that says “in training for…” because…i like to be humble, clearly.

so what to run to while i continue my training?

right now, my running playlist is made up of a good mix of songs by beyonce and nicki minaj. there’s some kelly clarkson (stronger is an excellent mid-run mental boost), plus the ridiculous sexy and i know it by LMFAO, which is my jam at the end of a run.

for some time, justin timberlake ruled my running playlist. i’ve shifted towards a lady-heavy mix just because. i know people who have songs around 180 beats per minute, because that optimizes your running, or something. or you can go with any upbeat songs with ‘run’ in the title.

personally, i lean towards songs that have a good bass, lyrics that make me feel strong, and a beat that i can match my pace to – sometimes a fast song is not the best for that, but i try to pick songs that have a slower sound in the background that i can focus on while i run.

what about y’all, fellow runners? what musicians are your go-tos for running? any songs that have to be on your playlist?