travel tales

I’m going to be off-blog for a couple of days while the manfriend and I go to a friend’s wedding and explore a new city for a long weekend. I’m ridiculously happy about this trip. It has brought to mind my least favorite travel experience of all time, which I thought I’d recount for y’all.

I was on my way back from a work trip to Miami. The fuel farm at the Miami airport had just had a fire, so we were delayed in leaving because there was a shortage of fuel and thus a shortage in fuel trucks. Then the pilot happily announced that there was a tornado system over Alabama (what. who tells us that.), so we skirted the original route by a solid 45 minutes, bringing us to Charlotte late. We would have been fine – my coworker and I would have had to book it across the airport, but would have made it – except the plane had to taxi while waiting for the plane that was at our gate (they got in on time, we didn’t) to leave. And the gentleman seated in front of me Los this mind. He jumped up, grabbed his things, and tried to get off the plane. The flight attendant gave him a no-nonsense instruction to SIT. DOWN. And he did, after fussing. But it was too late. If he’d kept his rear in his seat, our plane could have gone to the gate. Instead? We had to wait because planes can’t move around on the ground when idiots are up and moving. We get to the gate, get off the plane, race to the opposite end of the airport…and are told we are too late. Yes, our plane is still at the gate. Yes, the door to the gate was open, as was the plane door (we could see it). I promptly burst into tears, which was super ineffective. We ended up spending the night in Charlotte, my coworker and I both missed important meetings the next morning, and I don’t think we got real food at any point of that forced layover.
So. That’s my worst travel experience. Share yours in the comments! And say a prayer to the travel gods that our trip is way less chaotic and delayed than my Miami trip.