Monthly Archive: June, 2013

country mouse goes to the city

(me. I’m the country mouse.) Friday, my friends and parents helped pack my life into a u-haul (thankful for dad, who drove the truck up 95 and followed mom and me in my… Continue reading

bachelorette: episode 5 {recap/ridiculous}

okay, if the teaser for the show they play before the episode is stuff that will happen tonight, gird your loins, because EVERYONE IS GOING TO CRY. alright! we have left atlantic city… Continue reading

link happy

first, i’ve been searching for a good new reader for all the blogs i follow. i’ve settled on bloglovin, because it shows actual posts in the reader app – so i’m seeing the… Continue reading

checking out for a few days

hey favorites, all of you are SO pretty. really. those new pants look fabulous. your hair looks great. you should give yourself a hug, because i love you all. seriously. i’ve had a… Continue reading

in which i get in someone’s face

this day. i swear. today (tuesday) was a doozy. pouring rain and me running ALL over town trying to get paperwork corrected for my teaching license, then realizing i forgot to submit my… Continue reading

the bachelorette: episode 4 {recap}

as always, watching this with some of my favorite people, and a good amount of wine. for the purposes of this episode, every time they say “fairy tale” or “right reasons”, i’m taking… Continue reading

summer bucket list {BUCKETS}

one of my favorite podcasts from joy the baker and shutterbean was their summer bucket list one¬†from last year. inspired by this, here is my own summer bucket list – things to before… Continue reading

miss usa {recap} {ridiculous}

the tagline for the miss usa pageant is “confidently beautiful”, and based on the glamour shots of the contestants, it’s more like “beautiful, but awkwardly posed”. let’s take a quick peek at my… Continue reading

link happy {week of june 10}

it was international donut day, apparently, and this chart tells you what your donut of choice says about you. this comic is pretty cutting, and i sort of want a kid version of… Continue reading

it’s only me {quick thoughts on being an only child}

i’m an only child. my mother is an only child. today, she posted this NYT article¬†on how, to the surprise of pretty much anyone with siblings, only children have not been ruined by… Continue reading