post-vacation wrap-up

huh, apparently I have a “travel” category in place already. solid work, self.
if there are any major typos in this post, it’s because I’m writing this on my iPad and am still not used to the keyboard. sometimes I hit a key and somehow end up with several letters I didn’t intend to put to page.
I’m on the train (seriously, the iPad just corrected “on” to “in”…IT IS A WORD, I AM SURE OF THIS), heading to the town that will be my home for just a few more weeks before I move a few hours north. this weekend, we went to San Diego for a friend’s wedding and a mini-vacation. I’ll post so many photos to Flickr later, but for now, my thoughts on travel.
first, I’m a mountain girl. I live for the lush green hills of Virginia, and flying back home, looking down from the plane on the quilted land, my heart skipped a best when I saw the rippling shadows of every shade of green that told me we were close. but something about the ocean, be it Atlantic or Pacific, soothes my soul and calms my mind and lots of other cliched sayings that are also true. the briny smell of the air, the particular breeze that snakes through beach towns, and the grind of sand under my feet…those three things, combined with the overwhelming majesty of the ocean, make me feel wildly happy. I could stand with my feet in the surf until they were pickled, and still not have enough ocean. we went to la jolla the day of the wedding, and the sense of calm I felt was astounding – it was not just that it was a deep calm, but that I hadn’t felt that way in a while. I love to look out at the ocean and remember that I am a very tiny speck in the universe. this sounds depressing, but for me it is akin to meditating. I have a busy month ahead of me -packing, getting rid of crap, getting my car inspected here AND in DC, and moving up at the end of the month. it gets overwhelming. reminding myself that I am a speck helps…it puts things in perspective and soothes me. I don’t get to go to the ocean very often, but I have it in my mind to focus on when I start to feel the tendrils of anxiety wrap around my brain and make my heart go too fast.
I’ve also begun to write in my own journal again – not just here, but in a tiny private paper journal, with a dark blue pen. I’m not the best at that, so (much like the concerted effort I’m putting in with this blog), I’m making myself write once a day in my little blue journal. sometimes it will be a long post, other days I’ll just make a list of things that are good that day. as a reminder to choose to be happy. like my look up photo project, I’m seeking happiness and calm. this year has been hard, and good things are coming, and I want to be ready to accept those things without doubt. I tend to focus on how things might go awry, and I need to not do that.
this mini-vacation was pretty fabulous. yes, things went awry (AHEM, rental car agency, you are the worst), but I got a few days to celebrate the love of two wonderful people, and spent time with good friends (many of whom I’ll get to see a lot of when I move!!), and spent hours exploring a new city with the man-friend. and I stood by the ocean and closed my eyes and breathed in the salty air and laughed at the sea lions (love them) and felt the cool water on my toes. and when I opened my eyes, all I saw was grey-green-blue water until the glimmer of a horizon, and all was well with my world.