week 9: running update

week 9 of my training is a step-back week – i’m about to let go of my precious intervals and start running for the entire time, so this week is designed to let me rest a bit before i start that. i also did form drills, which are hard to explain, but are SUPER awkward to do in public. it’s sort of like gym class – you do a particular type of run (high knees! kick every third step! sidestep!) for 40 meters, and the form drills that go with this program are found on a youtube video, which is below if you’re interested.

sort of ridiculous, right? i planned to do these at the local track, but when i got there, it was overrun by track teams, so i ended up doing these on a stretch of sidewalk near my house. hey, neighbors. ‘sup? just, you know, high-kicking it down the street like a crazy lady.

once i decided i didn’t care if people saw me, these took about 15-20 minutes to complete (i think once i get comfortable with them, especially moving sideways, it’ll go faster), i got a pretty good workout. then it was core workout (holy god, i cannot sit up straight today. that hurt.), and done!

tomorrow is a run – as is sunday – but only two runs as opposed to three this week.

i’m pretty pleased with myself, honestly. i’m nine weeks into a program and i haven’t given up! go me! i’ve taken two of the six “F*ck It” days built in (days when, for whatever reason, going for a run just isn’t in the cards). one was a few fridays ago when i was not mentally in a good place for a run. the other was on vacation – we walked and hiked a bunch that day, so i didn’t feel that a run on top of that would be a good call (plus, i definitely got a good workout that day). i’m starting to look at half-marathons further in the future – the nike women’s half sounds awesome, as does one of the rock and roll half marathons. if you look at my “to do list” page, you’ll see i’ve listed a few other runs that i think would be fun.

and the fact that i can say “that race sounds fun” and not be worried that i wouldn’t finish it, even though i’m nowhere near running those distances? that’s insane. and a great thing.